a tribute to a friend & philosopher

rGuys just a quick update… one of my close friends has written a beautiful book : “Scientist Sister Sleeping Brother“. Those of you who have a taste for fiction will enjoy reading it.
Kudos to you Rahul and keep writing more gems like these….

By Robbie Kohli

racism.. the bitter truth.. what would you do ?

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 4.40.57 PMI watched a youtube video of an episode of What would you do.. Its a series of various social experiments recorded live. This series is produced by CNBC channel based in USA .
This particular episode was a compelling watch and i could actually relate to it even though i have never travelled trans pacific. Racism does exist and it transcends all borders and can be experienced by anyone black or white, rich or poor. I know all of us

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 4.39.51 PM
have experienced it in some way or the other, i urge my readers to watch this video however disturbing it is, as its tea

ches us animportant lesson to stand up and raise our voices when we see something like this happen in our own neighborhoods. For my readers in India : Racism is very much a daily routine, calling someone a ‘bihari’, ‘baniya’, ‘chinky’, ‘sardar’, ‘kalaa’, ‘goraa’ in condescending manner is like saying ‘hello’ in our country. There are stereotypes for every caste, every religion. We experience name calling and labelling on everyday basis and simple education and awareness can make things lot better and increase our acceptance level towards others. Your comments and feedback are most welcome.

our saviors… the unsung heroes…

in my college days while doing research on advance java programming i was strangely inspired to write programs that were inspired by nature and situations caused naturally for example algorithms based on assumptions if we leave a 100 stray cats at one place how would they react. there were many variations of the programs the idea was to replicate the beheavioral patterns of cat pluralistically it was a complicated program using random numbering and multithreaded objects using the most complicated algorithms. i never descovered anything new but in the process helped improve my programming skills and further made

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 1.34.40 PM

by belief in the chaos theory even stronger. aah haa the Chaos theory now listen carefully whoever came up with this strange theory must be given credit because there is some grains of truth in it. The Chaos theory
promotes the study of nonlinear dynamics example the behavior of 100 cats in your kitchen or 50 cattles grazzing grass, in such a way that these seemingly random events are actually predictable from simple deterministic equations. Now simple it might not be but in some situations its becomes more and more apparent.
Today was a usual routine day in my life but things became rather eventful when i reached saket metro station to meet one of my associates. as i was trying to enter the station my efforts turned futile as there were herds of people running through me towards the exit. I soon learned from a passerby that there was bomb alert at the station and the panicked employee making the announcements on the loudspeaker had no reservations about the situation. this was it, people were running for their lives and their was chaos. but surprisingly the usually busy and loud metro station that we experience everyday suddenly became predictable. As explained in the chaos theory there was a certain order to this chaos. I waited outside for Amit rather anxiously while calling his unreachable mobile repeatedly. Just then the Bomb Squad team of Delhi Metro arrived armed with gadgets and toolkits rushed inside. They did not let me take a photo of them but i managed to take a picture of their spaceship pun intended. Their metallic suits they looked like they just landed from their space shuttle.

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 1.35.00 PM

Anyhow the point of this whole article is to pay homage to the unsung heroes of Delhi who protect us and without any credit. I wish i could take their pictures but the police did not let me so. These bravehearts walk into the center of eye of tornado when everybody else was running away. God bless them with long life.
By Robbie Kohli

Yet another sinister force for good.



Yet another brainwash… Just as i was about to reach the elevator after my gym session i noticed a poster advertising of the so called “millenium man” apparently happend to be a very polished portrait of the son-in-law of the nation behold Robert Vadra. With its sight focussed on the upcoming polls the Rabid Government is very close to its goal of getting their version of reality included on every text book of the nation for the next decade or so. Despite the fact that the media presented us exactly one year ago with scads of hard evidence indicating the illeagal land deals made by Mr. Vadra and company with DLF the same media is now working together and virtually giving a clean chit to Robert Vadra in the controversial land deal with DLF. To solidify matter from legal point of view the Haryana government has set up a panel that declared there was no undervaluation while rejecting senior IAS officer Ashok Khemka’s charge of wrongdoing in the transaction. The natural question that comes up : Can we really trust the media ? Do we believe in the masala news that media presents us on prime time ??? I think not.

By Robbie Kohli

Mad Man’s guide to Enlightenment & the search for the perfect master.

First it was Baba Ramdev baba_ramdev-300x288in the headlines and now its Asaram Babu. It seems our Baba’s & Guruji’s have their social calanders bursting with parties and scandals. My search for the perfect master has been never ending it is difficult to trust anyone who uses God or God’s name to influence your life. I dont think my search has yeilded any effective results and has further increased the desire to walk on the path.  That being said today


was one of the better day’s.

A Pleasant surprise was waiting in my mailbox. My monthly newsletter from Osho World brought some respite almost like a prisoner getting a temprary suspension to a  death sentence. I dont recommend this article for the faint hearted because it shocks you to the core and your attacks the phyche which is full of pre-concieved notions of god and spirituality some of which un deniabily are true in their very essence yet do not answer our questions. Anyways I have limited time and space here to give justice to Osho and its founder Bhagwan Rajnish but you can read about him in the following link by Tribune India. This was the only link i found which decribed him without any personal bias or prejudice. I wish i could thank Osho world from where i received the email because it was a blessing in disguise. I’m still not through reading it as it contained Rajnish’s personal diary that he mantained from 1/1/1978 to 1/7/1978. It contains is own personal thoughts and question and answer rounds of various sanyasis that came for his darshans. I’m sorry i cannot link the file on My own blog due to copyright and intellectual property laws but you are most welcome to put your email id on comments and i will be glad to email you the link.

” The mind is never clear and can never be. The mind is what unclarity is. And all relationship is through the mind; hence the problem. You will have to learn the ways of no-mind So it is not a question of how to be clear; it is 


a question of how to be a no-mind. Through the mind the same thing will go on being repeated, again and again. The mind is repetitive, it is mechanical. It moves like a wheel: the same spokes come up again and again and 


This is the difference between the western approach and the eastern. “


By Robbie Kohli

What multitasking does to our brain…



Thats a good way to start my post, Ever since i have started writing blogs, my head keep working overtime to find new topics to talk about here, the other, morning tasks kind of get left for the last minute. So today I’m going to tell you nothing, absolutely nothing. I want to blog about the interesting things but don’t think i’ll do any of it justice, rather all I can think about write(right) now is how i will manage to attend my group excercise session which is about to start in exact 20 minutes from now. So you see the keyboard is kind of getting a serious beating… lol. Anyways apart from my resolution to acheive an optimus primus chest i also took an oath to blog regugarly, so hence the multi tasking brain is putting me in absolute conflict at this point. Ahaa *light bulb moment* hmm yeahh wait i do have something to tell you after all. On the way to my Gym I saw something interesting a Peepal Tree, for my non-south-east-asian friends peepal better known in the west as Ficus religiosa or Sacred Fig is an important tree in India valued for its physical as well as meta physical aspects, such as its sacredness in hinduism and buddhism.  Anyways the tree i saw was not just any other peepal tree it was a bonsai, picture on the left that i took from my phone cam was rather easy to frame as it was a miniature. The maali (gardener) of the nursery explained to me some interesting facts about this tree : The Buddhist consider it sacred as its widely believed that Gautam Budha became enlightened while meditating below this tree, and the maali further educated me that even in the Hindu religion till date the Sadhus Pic1 (1)(saints) sit under this tree to achieve best results of Meditation.

Wow that was too much information for me on an early morning walk. I did check these facts on google and it turns out the maali was right. Now Im getting late for my excercise so thats all i have to share with my readers today and quick last minute fact optimus primus is a character / autobot from the movie Transformers and i want to acheive a figure like him (sheepish smiles knowing not possible even by a long shot.) On your right is a picture of my brain. 😉 

By Robbie Kohli

Sadomasochism or Male Chauvinism

I wanted to start from where i left and continue about meditation from by last article but a seemingly innocent advertisement on youtube last night warped my fragile little mind. Although its merely a rant but i have rather strong opinion about the subjugation of women in Indian society and its malefactors. The ever increasing sex crime rate against women in India cannot be taken as just another news piece, it is imperative for not just Men but also Women to understand who are the real ‘jailbirds’. Our law at best can define various sections and degree of punishments to the offender befitting the crime he has manifested but the reality is a society which teaches the Men to be Masculine and Subjugate women and keep them around their fingers cannot be changed by instilling the same mentality to the modern women.

Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 10.12.28 AM

Upon hearing the news of recent rape case one of my lady friends commented the culprits should be given the same punishment. So you see what is happening, this will rather tranfer a society of Women-haters into a society of Men-haters ! In a country where 60% population is youth our goal should be reach a equilibrium of Egalitarian and Non-Discriminatory society.

Coming back to the question of these so called “Jailbirds” or better known as the Rapists!! Its True and Real to put the blame on them and send them to the gallows so to speak but what about disaster management, the real question is “how do stop this happening again” : The answer is a double edged swords : First we have to raise our children to respect women and treat them equals. Second : We need to change the Law gifted by our British forefather and stop defining Rape as a “Sex Crime” into a “Hate Crime”. Rape cannot be called a sex crime at all, ask any hot blooded man he will tell you if sexual gratification is what you are after he would rather walk into a brothel or pick up bar and wham bam thank you mam !!!

The second phase is taking social responsibility for this trend of objectifying women and gloryfing male superiority and for that to some extend even our Self Rightious Media is also a culprit. Take for example the widely telecasted advertisement of Sanjay Dutt promoting Hayward 5000 in their ad campaign. Now let me fist clarify i have respect for both the former and the latter but the manner in which the Advertisers potrayed my beloved strong tasting watery lager, the step child of Vijay Malya (no offence please pun intended). I’m attaching a link of the ad where Sanjay talks about ‘Mard Bano’ holding the innocent looking but yet deadly alcohol laced bottle in his hand, and what kind of lasting impact it makes on the modern male phyche.

Dear Friends this not just rant but a important question we all have to ask our selves, Your comments are welcome……..

By Robbie Kohli

The Ecstasy of Enlightenment or Chronic Depression ?

Alas the Journey contunues…….!

BABA_3-278x355Dear Readers, Sorry for the morbid start to my article. I usually tend to start my blogs with sugar coated words.
I was reading the Book “Fakir, the journey continues” by “Ruzbeh Barucha” and Meher Baba’s saying “I will not speak again as there is nothing of wisdom which i can speak which has already been told before”  ( those of you who dont know about him, he was a saint in Pune whose life’s journey has been widely discussed in the book, pic on left) . In the book, Ruzbeh, the author of the book, writes about his own personal experience when he experiences deep inner awareness which awakens him from his limited pattern of thoughts into the spiritual world where he even meets various spirits of his angels, deceased family member in his dreamy spiritual journey and returns back to his same old self.  With due respect to the author and Shri Meher baba who i personally respect and admire the natural question that aroused in my mind was : How is it that after some brief moment of enlightenment we relapse back to the same old habits and limited views ??? This question was like opening the Pandora’s box and naturally leads to other questions such as “Is spiritual enlightenment real or just Chronic Depression leading to dillusions ??? ” For people like me who have a scientific bent of mind its imperative to reach to a solution of this maze as like any self-respecting man of science, I also seek peace and wellness for self and others.

I would like to draw on the experiences and insights of leaders and practitioners within the Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Islam and Sufi traditions. Your comments and valuable feedback will mean the world to me..

Thanks for reading this post.. next blog we will talk about the “Pinnacle of Meditation” and cover some of Osho’s topics….,

“I have come to sow the seed of love in your hearts”   – Avatar Meher Baba

By Robbie Kohli

The persiut of happyness


Thankfully you found me!!!

The ultimate goal.. The nectar of life and the very feeling that catalyses our worldly desires into needs and needs into wants and wants into actions. Today after a long time i felt Happy from the core. It seemed all my wishes came true and gods have granted me a day of solace…  As we are progressing towards the digital era and rapid scientific era in every sphere of knowledge one might imagine, we are going further and further away from the Godly beleifs however it is my personal thought and i feel the line separating the scientific vis-a-vis spiritual is becoming thinner and thinner and only a matter of few descoveries such as the ‘god particle’ which explains the age old einstenian riddle of invisible magnetic field and how it generates energy(e=mc2 = energy is equal to the mass occupied by an object multiplied by the speed at which it displaces its mass raised to the par of 2 ) without being visible (having no mass).

I have trouble talking about my beliefs and feeling as I find them crazy myself, however as shakespere himself once quoted that writing is a socially acceptable form of schrizphrenia hence i take refuge in this blog which i created solely for this purpose so as the end justifies the mean. And now i leave for a coffee break !!

By Robbie Kohli

The eluding choice

After a long period of abstenince im back here. Time seems to be frozen not externally but the personal concept of time has almost dissappeared pushing me to a state of emptyness, voidness and as if im floating in water but not feeling anything. Happyness and Sadness is a choice we make that what i read about so many times when finding blogs on spirituality, depression and life so on.. my inability to choose the better option has confused me and left me in a hopeless situation.

Imagine you are in a sad mountain and can see the peak of the happy mountain from far but still choose to stay put ? Is that a spiritual lazyness or chrnoic depression i dont really know.


By Robbie Kohli